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  • Are Spartan coaches trained on the latest information about concussions?

    Yes! Football Canada has in-depth courses, and continuing training on how to detect concussions, and the proper protocol for return to play. For more information visit Safe Contact.

  • How do I put football equipment on?

  • How do I mould a mouthguard?

  • How to I take care of my equipment?

    Now that you have received all your gear there are a few rules we would like everyone to follow in its care and things to watch for.

    Keep your gear clean at all times. Do not attempt to repair your equipment. Ask your Coach or Equipment Manager for help. Treat your equipment with respect. Don't throw it, sit on it or alter it in any way. At the end of the season, return your gear clean and washed. All stickers are to be removed from the helmet at the end of the season.

    Upon receiving your helmet the first thing every player should do is check that all the fittings are attached and tight. This is checked at the time of issue but on occasion, things get overlooked. For both appearance and hygiene, your helmet may be washed on the inside and outside with a mild soap and water (not bleach or cleanser). At no time should anyone cut, drill or alter the helmet or any of its components as this will invalidate the helmet and possibly ruin it. If the helmet does not fit properly or something breaks, speak to your Coach or Equipment Manager and the equipment will be replaced.

    Pants and jerseys should be washed after practices and games as appropriate. Grass and dirt stains do accumulate on the pants and for this reason they should be washed regularly. Grass stains can be difficult to remove but products like 'Amaze' and 'Shout' work well to remove them if applied right away. Please do not use bleach to wash the pants or jersey as it will rot the fabric. Jerseys should be hung up to dry since using the dryer may cause the numbering to melt and come off.

    Shoulder pads are the most difficult piece of equipment to keep clean. After each practice, shoulder pads should be cleaned of dirt, wiped dry and placed in an area with good air circulation to allow them to dry completely. From time to time during the season, the padding can be removed and washed in a mild soap and water solution and allowed to air dry. Shoulder pad straps should be adjusted to suit the player and properly fed through the strap hardware so they will not fall off during the games and practices.

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